Art Prompts Drawing Challenges

Don't know what to draw? The Art Prompts App can provide you with near infinite random mashups of odd and surprising ideas on things to draw.

Boost Your Creativity

Infinite Inspiration - never run out of ideas on what to draw! Train your creativity and your drawing skills with lots of odd, funny and inspiring art prompts.

This App can also be used as a fun game to play with your creative friends. Simply pick a random challenge, set a timer for 5, 10 or 15 minutes, and see who comes up with the most creative way to interpret the challenge.

Using this App is also a great way to overcome artist's block. You never have to stare at a blank piece of paper again. Don't know what to draw? The Art Prompts App generates random mashups of things to challenge your creativity. Generate ideas for stories, characters, illustrations, comics, children's books, etc.

Building great drawing skills requires lots of regular practice. Lots of practice requires lots of inspiration. With this app, you will never run out of inspiration again!

So, you know you only become a better artist by practicing regularly. It is the same for creativity. Creativity is a skill that can be trained, just like anything else. Creativity and innovation is to a large degree about combining usual items in unusual and new ways, and that is exactly what this App forces you to do.

Choose between different categories of art prompts, ranging from simple animals or objects, over character designs in odd environments, to surreal combinations.

Examples of Art Prompts from the App could be:

  • “Draw a Hippopotamus which is a mix of a Bricklayer and a School Teacher.”
  • “Draw a Horse which is a Sorcerer with a shovel in a Chinese Restaurant”
  • “Draw a Turtle which is a Librarian with a pair of slippers in a Haunted House.”
  • “Draw a fantasy animal that is a mixture of a Ladybug and a Polar bear”
  • “Draw a scenario containing these elements: a sea serpent, a piano, a bus driver, spying, dangerous”
  • “Draw a Sheep that is shooting with a bow and arrow.”

At first sight, they make no sense. But try to come up with a story, a context, a world, where the above makes sense. Then try to draw that. Check out some examples art work inspired by the above prompts in the Gallery

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Would you like to get early access to the App, and help test it?

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Follow @ArtPromptsApp on Instagram for weekly drawing challenge using prompts from the App. Check it out and share your creations.

Share challenges, and your solutions on Instagram using the hashtag: #ArtPromptsApp, and follow it to see what other artists have created.


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